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Who We Are

Our mission at The Vegan Markets is to create a gathering place for all ethical products while helping ethical business thrive and to give back to the planet & people through community projects.

Why a Marketplace ? 

The Vegan Markets is your favourite Sunday & Night markets in the one place operating 24/7. A marketplace allows us to have everything in one place for like-minded people and allows gives us a launching pad to help new ethical business start their projects with less financial barriers. 

You will only find products, which are cruelty free, free from animal products and free from animal by products from creators & makers in every niche, bringing you vegan, plant based, ethical, sustainable or eco products with a purpose, mission or style. 

What community projects?

As The Vegan Market grows we will be investing in 2 community projects that ensure clean drinking water for communities Charity Water and a project that fosters reforestation by growing our own forest through Ecologi 

Got an ethical business? - If you have a plant based/vegan, eco friendly or cruelty free product that you would like to sell on the marketplace go to Become a Seller and sign up.